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When it comes to soccer, how divided is the West Island?

Will the Euro Cup force any rivalries between West Islanders?

Euro Cup

With the Montreal Canadiens headed to the Stanley Cup finals, everyone in the West Island is united in wanting to bring the cup back home. There are, of course, the occasional Leafs fans that are sulking over the Habs’ success, however, they represent a very small portion. The Euro Cup has also garnered a lot of attention, but this time, there isn’t as much unity.

With many Europeans from different backgrounds residing in the West Island, we wanted to know which teams West Islanders are rooting for.

A usual favorite is Italy, therefore it was no surprise that they received over 25% of the votes. Many Italians are very passionate about soccer and are hungry for victory. Although their last major championship was winning the World Cup in 2006, they have a club that is built for success and currently undefeated. Could this be Italy’s year?

With nearly 20% of the votes was a tie between the Netherlands, Germany, and Ukraine. Each of these teams showed great promise. The Netherlands demonstrated that they can be true competitors in the opening games, however, they were beaten by the Czech Republic in the round of 16.

France and Portugal each received under 10% of the votes, however, both teams have since been eliminated.

Although the success of the Montreal Canadiens has slightly overshadowed the Euro Cup, there will definitely be some friendly rivalries in the West Island.


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