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Nearly $54,000 for Active Transportation Infrastructure in Soulanges


As Bike Month kicks off across Quebec, Soulanges' Member of Parliament, Mrs. Marilyne Picard, announces a maximum financial assistance of $54,310 to Soulanges Canal Park to promote the development and consolidation of the Route Verte network and regional cycling networks associated with it.

The sum granted under the Active Transportation Infrastructure Assistance Program (Véloce III) will facilitate the maintenance of the Route Verte and its branches.

"The Soulanges Canal is one of our magnificent gems. This financial assistance is excellent news for the residents of Soulanges. This project promotes the adoption and continuity of this healthy mode of transportation so that everyone can continue to enjoy our wonderful recreational attraction. I am very excited for the people of Soulanges and Quebecers to come and enjoy their favorite sports activities on a safe track in a friendly and enchanting environment," says the MP.

Projects funded under Véloce III are consistent with the Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2028 as they contribute to improving the offer of cycling infrastructure and securing the movements of more vulnerable users. Unveiled last August by the minister, this plan, inspired by Vision Zero, presents 27 measures to reduce the number of accidents on the road network and their severity.


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