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Yet another update on restrictions in Quebec

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The whispers on the street have quieted, as Premier François Legault has made his announcement on further restrictions in an attempt to flatten the latest curve of the Omicron surge.

December 21st saw 6,361 new cases in the province, and the premier estimated that tomorrow we will likely see 9,000.

The good news? The government says you can have your Christmas gathering of 10 people which they had previously promised, but only until the end of the day on the 25th. As of Sunday, December 26th, gatherings will be limited to 6 people, or 2 family bubbles.

The same will hold true of restaurants. They will remain open to the public, but tables will be restricted to 6 diners.

Legault also urged Quebecers to "choose between one Christmas supper". That is to say, gather on the 24th, or the 25th, but not both.

For those who do decide to gather between now and the 26th (and even after), there are four key ways West Islanders can minimize their risk.

1) Limit the number of people

2) Respect a distance of 2 meters

3) Open a window (or multiple) to increase airflow

4) Wear your mask

No curfew has been announced as of yet, but the Premier mentioned more restrictions are possible if the demand becomes necessary.

Legault did mention that there was a sharp increase in the number of tests being given, since the launch of the rapid tests in pharmacies on Monday. That said, he emphasized the importance that you only use a rapid test if you are experiencing COVID symptoms. Furthering this, if you are feeling sick, it is important that you stay home.

"Healthcare workers are exhausted."

Legault went on to emphasize the stark contrast between those with their second and those with their third vaccination dose. It is evident that those with their third dose are far less at risk to face serious illness and hospitalization.

The Premier finished his announcement with two final messages; the first was directed at healthcare workers.

According to him, "there will never be enough thank-you's".

The second message was to Quebecers:

"I am confident that as a people, we will get through this challenging time, but we will need each other."

François Legault urges the public to call the vulnerable in their life, reach out to the isolated, and make sure they get vaccinated to ensure that our hospitals do not get overwhelmed.


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