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Why is it important to vote?

Why is it important to vote?

PHOTO: Élections Québec

Getting out to vote means:

  • Expressing your opinion on issues that matter to us and on decisions that affect our lives

  • Helping ensure that our society runs smoothly

  • Electing a Member who will defend your interests and raise your concerns in the Assemblée Nationale du Québec

  • Giving your opinion on the management of social programs and public revenues—which amount to more than $100 billion annually

  • Ensuring the vitality of our democracy

For all these reasons and more, mark election day (October 3) on your calendar. Be sure to get out and vote! Not voting in the elections means letting others decide for you.


For more information on the importance of voting, refer to the Élections Québec web page on the topic.

For complete information on the provincial elections, visit their website at

On October 3, let’s reverse the trend.

SOURCE: Élections Québec

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