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West Islanders make a splash at World Aquatic Championships!

The World Aquatic Championships held in Fukoka, Japan wrapped up early this week, concluding nearly two weeks of competitions in artistic swimming, diving, water polo, swimming, and open-water swimming. The best in the world represented their countries and clubs, including several West Islanders and members of the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Club.


PHOTOS: Facebook, Diving/Plongeon Canada

  • In the 10-meter platform competition, Caeli McKay (1st photo, right) of the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Club won a bronze medal and finished 8th in the synchronized event. She previously attended the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and took home two medals at the 2019 Pan American Games.

  • World Cup medallist and Olympian Nathan Zsombor-Murray (2nd photo), also from Pointe-Claire and competing in the 10-meter platform event, finished 7th. He also claimed a 5th-place finish in the mixed 10-meter synchro.

  • Mia Vallée (3rd photo) and her partner Pamela Ware competed in the women's 3-meter synchronized springboard event and placed fifth. Mia is from Beaconsfield and won silver and bronze medals at last year's Worlds in Budapest.

SOURCE: Diving/Plongeon Canada


PHOTO: Facebook, Fédération de Natation du Québec.

Left to right, Patrick Hussey, Éric Brown, Katerine Savard (CAMO Natation), Greg Arkhurst, Coach (Camo), Mary-Sophie Harvey (Camo) and Édouard Fullum-Huot.

  • Patrick Hussey is a Commonwealth Games medalist and Beaconsfield native. He competed in the 4 x 200-meter relay, which finished in 12th place.

  • Pointe-Claire's Eric Brown also competed in last year's World Championships and earned a bronze medal in the 4 x 100-m freestyle relay at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. At this year's Worlds, he competed in the 800-meter freestyle, 400-meter freestyle, and 10-kilometer open water swim.

  • Édouard Fullum-Huot competed in the 4 x 100-relay and took home a 5th-place finish. Fullum-Huot also swims for the University of Florida and helped his team win the Southeastern Conference Championships this year.

SOURCE: Swimming Canada/City of Pointe-Claire

Water Polo

PHOTOS: Facebook, Water Polo Canada, Team Canada

  • Serena Browne is from Pointe-Claire and was a member of the women's water polo team that represented Canada at these championships. The team finished in 7th place and will set their sights on the Paris 2024 Olympics, hoping to qualify at the Pan American games this fall.

  • Jérémie Côté was a member of the men's team that finished in 12th place; their best placement at a World Championships since 2015. Côté is a Pointe-Claire native and a DDO Water Polo Club member.

SOURCE: Water Polo Canada


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