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West Island United peaceful rally against racism

Youth Stars and Overture with the Arts are proud to invite young members of the community along with their families, as well as community leaders.

Community organizations, influencers, politicians, health workers, and representatives from the media are all invited to a very important and peaceful rally denouncing racism. All are welcome to participate in this event, which takes place Saturday, June 12th, 2021 at Pierrefonds Community High School (PCHS - 13800 Pierrefonds Blvd, Pierrefonds, Quebec H9A 1A7) at 1:00 pm.

Everyone is invited to come down and stand up in support of denouncing racism. The goal of this rally is to promote unity, inclusivity, diversity, and equity amongst all cultures, including marginalized and BIPOC communities. The event will also highlight the recent spike in Asian hate crimes and the Anti Black Racism movement.

The event will feature speeches and performances by members of the new vanguard of young decision-makers and stakeholders. An official ‘kneeling’ photo will be taken at the end of the event, to further promote the message of unity and solidarity. It is also important to note that this is not a protest or a march - rather, it is a peaceful rally meant to bring the community together with a common goal of equity for all.

We are asking the West Island and surrounding communities to come out and stand in solidarity with Youth Stars, Overture with the Arts, and their many community partners.

Who is Youth Stars?

Youth Stars understands the power that young people and members of the next generations hold in creating a more united community for the future. Youth Stars is a Montreal-run, non-profit organization, founded in 2008, serving a diverse linguistic and cultural youth population. Our programs and workshops motivate youth and convey positive learning messages that foster life skills and healthy living habits.

Our board, staff, and volunteers are dedicated to offering equal opportunity and inclusion to all. We hope that our mission can be impactful to the community in realizing change for our youths of today as they represent the future of our community.

Who is Overture with the Arts

Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, offering education in music, dance, drama, and vocal training. Our free and low-cost programs enable young people to pursue their passion in the performing arts when they wouldn’t otherwise have the finances to afford classes. OWTA helps kids find a creative outlet for self-expression and builds confidence and poise. Since 2009, approximately 50,000 youth have benefitted from our after-school programs and school tours.

When: Saturday, June 12th at 1 pm

Where: Pierrefonds Community High School (PCHS), 13800 Pierrefonds Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC H9A1A7 What: A peaceful rally denouncing racism

Safety Measures: In compliance with social distancing regulations, it will be mandatory for all participants to wear masks and to practice social distancing. There will be presentations of speeches, creative performances, a moment of silence and a collective kneel in solidarity for George Floyd and everyone who has lost their lives as a result of police brutality.

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