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Transforming bread tags into wheelchairs

Image curtesy of WIX

Not many people know that those little tags that come with a fresh loaf of bread can't be recycled. So, what can you do with them that won't harm the environment? Donate them!

Clermont Bonnenfant, a man from Montreal came up with the idea of collecting bread tags and soda can tabs after he became physically impaired in a motorcycle accident. Bonnenfant was no longer able to work anymore and wanted to help other people facing similar circumstances.

Out of his terrible accident came The Foundation Clermont Bonnenfant. (SOURCE)

The bread tags that are donated by the public are subsequently shredded and turned into new products. All funds raised from the donations go towards helping patients who cannot afford wheelchairs.

The main collection spot for bread tags or soda can tabs is located in Longueuil but there are multiple other drop-off locations around Montreal and the West Island. All the drop of locations can be found here:

To learn out more about Clermont Bonnenfant and his story visit:



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