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The use of motorized mobility aids on Quebec roads

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Motorized mobility aids (MMAs) are devices designed to compensate for a walking disability. They include power wheelchairs, scooters, and quad scooters

A pilot project ended on June 1st, 2020, and confirmed the importance of regulating the use of MMAs. The Ministry of Transportation has deemed it essential to continue this supervision, as it is part of its mission to ensure the mobility of people through efficient and safe transportation systems.

Since August 9, 2020, a ministerial order allowing the use of a motorized mobility aid on public roads and its cohabitation with other road users has come into force.

It is essential that everyone who uses a motorized mobility aid on public roads be aware of the framework in effect, particularly with regard to the definition of a motorized mobility aid, the rules of the road, and the mandatory equipment.

The rules in place are designed to ensure the safety of MMA users as well as harmonious cohabitation between these people and other road users. These rules promote a better sharing of the road. They also allow for greater flexibility in the choice of routes by regulating the movement of MMAs on the roadway, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks.

Failure to comply with the rules by a person using an MMA makes them liable to a fine under the Highway Safety Code.


SOURCE: Ministère des Transports

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