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The most Googled Halloween costumes on the West Island, and in Canada are revealed.

Google's 2022 Frightgeist has been busy acquiring data from popular Google Halloween costume searches.

Pulling their sources from the top 500 costume searches in the U.S.A, and by location-specific data, Frightgeist is using Google Trends to compile a list of the most popular overall, on a national scale:

  1. Witch

  2. Spider-Man

  3. Dinosaur

  4. Stranger Things Character (from Season 4 of the Netflix Original Stranger Things)

  5. Fairy

  6. Pirate

  7. Rabbit

  8. Cheerleader

  9. Cowboy

  10. Harley Quinn (The DC Comics character)

Their costume map, shows in impressive detail, the most prominent costumes by specific areas within states:


The local option gathers information from your surrounding area. Here is what came up as most popular on the West Island:

  1. Cow

  2. Cattle

  3. Hocus Pocus Character (from Hocus Pocus, the Halloween movie)

  4. Dinosaur

  5. Witch

Their Costume Wizard feature also allows users to find a costume based on uniqueness, trendiness, and spookiness.


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