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The construction site at the R.E.M's Sunnybrooke station gets a meaningful mural.

A new mural adorns the construction site of the future Réseau Express Métropolitain Sunnybrooke station. It is the result of a collaboration between a local artist, Kezna Dalz, also known as Teenadultt, and young residents of the area in collaboration with the Maison des Jeunes À-Ma-Baie, and in partnership with the organization MU .

The Réseau Express Métropolitain (R.E.M) Sunnybrooke station will replace the existing train station of the same name. It is an elevated station east of Sunnybrooke Boulevard and adjacent to a new overpass above the boulevard.

Teenadultt met with motivated, creative young people who were eager to create a colorful universe with characters that look like them. This mural reflects their world, shows what they like, and makes them feel good. This mural speaks of diversity, the mix of cultures, and the sense of community that young people have created in this neighborhood, thanks partly to the Maison des Jeunes À-Ma-Baie .

PHOTO: Réseau Express Métropolitain (R.E.M)

The MDJ À-Ma-Baie is a meeting place for 12 to 17-year-olds, who can become involved and responsible citizens in the presence of significant adults. The activities are aimed at bringing young people together, developing them, and helping them grow.

MU is a charitable non-profit organization whose mandate is to transform Montreal's public spaces by creating murals that are rooted in local communities. MU's projects are designed to promote the democratization of art and local development.

The R.E.M has a worksite beautification program that allows them to collaborate with local artists and communities. Works adorn the palisades surrounding the REM construction zones. To see more examples, click here.

SOURCE: Réseau Express Métropolitain (R.E.M)

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