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Sainte-Anne's aerospace company strikes $2.1 billion dollar deal.

An aerospace company with Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue ties has signed an agreement of $2.1 billion to manufacture 198 satellites at its West Island facility. Telesat, a satellite communications company, has commissioned MDA, or MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates to make satellites designed for low-orbit that will establish internet connectivity in remote regions. The contract also provides options for Telesat to purchase up to 100 additional satellites.

PHOTO: Telesat

This groundbreaking agreement marks the largest in MDA's history. The contract will require an expansion of MDA's existing facilities and an increase in recruitment of personnel. The construction, assembly, and testing of the Telesat Lightspeed satellites are set to take place at MDA's advanced satellite manufacturing facility in Sainte-Anne's. The process incorporates Industry 5.0 methodologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation, collaborative robots (cobots), augmented reality, and a team of highly proficient assemblers.

A key aspect of the new digital technology is its ability to significantly reduce project costs by nearly $2 billion USD compared to earlier estimates. MDA assured that this cost reduction does not compromise quality, as the technology allows for real-time adjustments to satellite performance.

Telesat intends to deploy its satellites by 2026 and offer commercial service by 2027. In total, the comprehensive program is valued at $3.5 billion USD ($4.69 billion), and Telesat has committed to funding a substantial portion, contributing $1.6 billion USD ($2.14 billion) to the project.

SOURCE: MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates.


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