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JULIETTE & CHOCOLAT closing their doors

JULIETTE & CHOCOLAT is closing its 10 restaurants and will continue to do business online, with its franchisees and at various points of sale in Quebec.

On the company's website, a message is addressed to customers in place of the opening hours of its ten businesses:

"We unfortunately have to pause preparing your favorite sweets from August 7th. We apologize for not being able to satisfy your Chocolate cravings.

The founder of the company, which started 20 years ago in 2003, announced the sad news to her hundred employees on Monday.

“It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I officially announce the closure of all our branches as of today. We have all worked hard since the restaurants reopened last summer, but unfortunately the results are not enough to compensate for the loss we have accumulated during the Covid. Add to this the increase in costs and the impact of inflation on the consumption habits of our guests and today, our restaurants are unfortunately no longer profitable”, writes Juliette Brun to her “dear Red Hats”.

Juliette Brun thanks her employees, who gave her their trust and dedication.

“I am proud of what we have built together and today, even if we are closing our factories and taking a step back from our growth, Juliette & Chocolat remains a strong brand that will continue to operate online, at our retailers and with our franchisees,” she wrote.

The entrepreneur reassured everyone by explaining that everyone would receive their pay and that all those with more than three months of seniority would benefit from eight weeks' notice.

Juliette Brun said she hoped to open a franchise within a few weeks and she invited those who are interested in joining the new team to express their interest.

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