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Animatch dogs searching for homes!

Ready to commit to being a pet parent? Check out these cuties who are eager to join your family.

Burnaby - Male Lab Mix - 3 Months Old (DOB: May)

Born at Animatch, Burnaby has learned a lot from his mother and is now ready to embark on his own journey. Bursting with energy, he eagerly anticipates brisk walks, playful moments, obedience classes, and plenty of affectionate ear rubs and belly scratches. Burnaby would thrive in the company of a canine companion who could guide him. Due to his age, he shouldn't be left alone for extended periods each day. The right person to complete the adoption form and express interest in him is all he's waiting for.

Chessy - Female Lab Mix - 1 1/2 Years Old

Chessy hails from Chisisabi, a place with numerous dogs, few homes, and no veterinarians. She arrived at Animatch and shortly after gave birth to a litter of pups. With her pups well cared for, Chessy is now seeking her forever home. While she gets along with other dogs, she wouldn't mind being your sole companion. Enrolling in obedience classes would enhance her already charming personality and transform her into the perfect companion. Chessy is ready to make a home her own.

Snapple - Male Husky Mix - 6 Months Old (DOB: Jan 23)

Snapple, along with his two siblings, was rescued from beneath a building where they were living independently. While his siblings have found their forever homes, Snapple is still awaiting his turn. He has made remarkable strides in recent months. Compatibility with cats and a balanced canine housemate would suit him well. Snapple knows that the right family will come across his profile, prompting them to fill out the adoption form. Note: Snapple has grown since his photo session.

Yag - Male Terrier Mix - 4 Years Old

Yag has been with Animatch and École de Formation des Intervenants Canins du Québec (FIC) since July 2022. Packed and ready for his forever home, Yag is an intelligent, focused terrier. He requires daily mental and physical exercise to keep him engaged. An experienced guardian who practices positive reinforcement is crucial for Yag due to his guarding tendencies. He is best suited as the only pet in the household due to some guarding tendencies but he doesn't exhibit any leash reactivity during walks. Yag has waited patiently for the right human companion who is undoubtedly seeking a canine partner like him.

For additional information about Burnaby, Chessy, Snapple, or Yag, visit


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