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Pointe-Claire presses pause on residential construction

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Mayor Tim Thomas has put a hold on the distribution of building permits across certain parts of Pointe-Claire. Notably affected, is the downtown area, where the Fairview shopping centre is located.

In a press release published by the city, it was stated that “no permit may be issued for the construction or transformation of a building for multi-residential use in the downtown area. Furthermore, no permit can be issued for the construction of a new main building on the site of the shopping centers identified."

- City of Pointe-Claire

The news comes as a blow to the team at Cadillac Fairview, as plans were being made to build a semi-residential project in the parking lot of the mall along the 40.

Mayor Tim Thomas on the other hand, says he is looking out for the concerns of residents, who have expressed discontent at the number of construction projects in the city in recent years.

The Mayor is not unsupportive of the collaboration between commercial and residential projects, however, Thomas wants to see the alarming multiplication of tower buildings come to an end.


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