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Pedestrian overpass at Des Sources Blvd to remain closed until further notice

The City of Pointe-Claire is continuing the process of repairing the pedestrian overpass over Highway 20 at Des Sources Boulevard.

PHOTO: City of Pointe-Claire

The overpass was damaged during a car accident at the end of December, and, since then, Pointe-Claire has stepped up its efforts to repair it as soon as possible.

According to a recent communique from the city, when damaged, such a structure requires a thorough inspection by external experts, after which a technical report is provided. It took several months to obtain this service.

Public works then looked for a contractor who could carry out the work within a reasonable time. However, the health crisis caused delays in all sectors of the economy, and obtaining materials was a challenge for the vast majority of them. The City of Pointe-Claire is now awaiting confirmation from the assigned company to know the start date of the work and its duration.

Until the end of the work, the overpass will remain closed. The City warns that anyone who does not respect the measures in place is exposed to danger.

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