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"One Birth One Tree" gives new Kirkland parents a commemorative tree

The Town of Kirkland offers its congratulations to new parents through its "One Birth, One Tree" program! Since the beginning of the program in 2014, more than 70 trees have been planted to celebrate the arrival of new little Kirklanders!

PHOTOS: Facebook, Town of Kirkland

Have you also had the privilege of recently welcoming a new child in your family? The program will supply the family with tree that will grow along his/her side! In addition to offering your child a very special gift, you will contribute to providing a healthier environment for generations to come.

You must reside in Kirkland to participate in the program and apply within one year of your child’s date of birth or adoption.

Eligibility criteria

The following requirements must be met to qualify for the program:

  • Reside in Kirkland at the time of the birth or adoption;

  • Apply for the program within twelve (12) months of the date of birth or adoption.


Application Form

The Application Form must be filled out online by clicking here.

Information required

The applying parents must indicate on the form:

  • Their *preferred type of tree to plant (out of 4 proposed varieties);

  • Their *preferred location to plant the tree (on private property, on city property, or in a city park).

*In all cases, the final decision as to the type of tree and where it is to be planted rests with the Town.

Supporting documents

All applications must be submitted with the following documents :

  • Proof of the birth or adoption of the child;

  • Proof of identity and residence of the applying parent

Choosing your baby’s tree and the appropriate planting location

This program offers a choice of four types of trees:

1. Small deciduous tree (6-10 m in height) 2. Large deciduous tree (15 m + in height) 3. Small evergreen (6-10 m in height) 4. Large evergreen (15 m + in height)

*Where the applicant is not the owner of the land upon which the tree is to be planted, a proxy form duly signed by said owner must accompany the application.

For more information:

Matthieu Tzaud Section Head – Urban Forestry 514 694-4100, ext. 3402

SOURCE: Town of Kirkland

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