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New Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulations as of July 1

Swimming pool

The City of Dorval would like to inform all its citizens who either own a pool or who intend on installing one, that, as of July 1, new rules will fall into affect and apply to all residential swimming pools, regardless of their date of installation.

In order to reduce the risk of children drowning, the Quebec government has tightened security measures around all residential pools, whether they be new or beneficiary of acquired rights

As such, it is important that all Dorval pool owners affected by these new regulations take note of the changes to make sure their installation is up to code. The stricter rules include:

  • chain link fences which have a mesh size of more than 30 mm must be battened.

  • no structure or fixed equipment likely to be used to climb over the wall of a swimming pool or enclosure should be installed within one metre of the pool.

  • pools equipped with a diving board must be installed in accordance with the BNQ 9461-100 standard, aimed at preventing spinal cord injuries related to diving accidents.

  • no window should be situated within one metre of a pool or an enclosure, unless it is at a minimum height of three metres or its maximum opening is 10 cm.

Owners who had acquired rights will be granted a two-year grace period, being until July 1, 2023, to make the necessary adjustments in order to comply to the new provincial regulations regarding the safety of residential swimming pools.

For more information on residential swimming pool safety regulation to abide by for a new or existing pool, visit (in French) or search for Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation on

For information on the permit request for the installation of a swimming pool in Dorval or for advice on the compliance of your existing installation, please contact the Urban Planning Department at 514 633-4125.

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