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New fluffy friend: dogs for adoption at Animatch

Looking for an active partner this summer to help you get outside more? Why not adopt a new best friend to keep you moving!

Check out the available dogs for adoption below from Animatch


Alannah - 7 years old

Female - Pointer X

Animatch does not have a lot of history on Alannah. At one time, she was used as a breeding dog and was then sent to a Korean meat market where she was rescued by HSI. We have discovered that she has hearing problems. She probably isn't completely deaf and it may be age-related. She is shy at first but doesn't seem traumatized. She gets along with other calm dogs. Once she has settled into her new home, obedience training would boost her confidence. Because of her hearing loss, you might have to work with signals. Alannah is looking for a family who can make the second half of her life so much better than the first.

Alice - 1 1/2 years old

Female - Mixed Breed

Alice is from Whatmagoostui. She was attacked by roaming dogs, but fortunately, the Animal Control officer was able to catch her. Frightened and in pain, she was caged for the plane ride down south. Then there was a long car ride where she met lots of strangers. She had no way of knowing that they only meant her well. Within twelve hours of arriving at Animatch, Alice jumped the fence and led the whole community on a not-so-merry chase. It was the aroma of barbecued chicken that lured her back to the centre. Alice is now making new human friends every day. Once she's comfortable, she relishes the attention. She is still nervous around other dogs, and once her wounds heal, the workers at Aniamatch will try introducing her to calm gentle canines. Alice needs a family that will give her all the time she requires to adjust. Truckloads of love, patience, and commitment will be required. Because of her flight drive, she shouldn't be unleashed outside for a while. Cats are meant to be chased.

Kaila - 10 months old

Female - Mixed Breed

At nine months old, Kaila had already had at least three homes. Finally, a Good Samaritan felt that enough was enough and brought her to Animatch. The family that adopts her must realize two things:

1. She is still a rambunctious adolescent.

2. You are the fourth or fifth stopover in her short life.

The first weeks in your home must be filled with routine, consistency, and clear boundaries. This is in addition to love and patience. A refresher in toilet training may be required. Kaila isn't a candidate for apartments or condos. She could live with a calm dog who can tolerate her exuberance, but no cats, please. Before you fill out the form asking for Kaila, make sure that you will absolutely be her last stop and forever home.

Sirius - 8 years old

Male - German Shepard X

At the mature age of eight, Sirius finds himself on the lookout for a new home. You won't have any of those crazy puppy problems with this boy - no chewed slippers or furniture. He still has lots of energy and is looking forward to long walks. He gets along with other dogs when introduced properly, but would enjoy being your only pet. He is quick to bark, so no apartments or condos. Sirius longs to be part of a family again. Please don't make him wait too long.


For more information on the cute dogs and more available animals to adopt visit


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