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Nelligan Students make 900 Holiday Cards for Seniors

As a result of the present public health circumstances impeding the interaction of family with residents living in long term care facilities, MNA Monsef Derraji, has worked with Nelligan students to create holiday cards to help provide comfort and joy for the elderly community in his riding of Nelligan!

The goal of the Christmas card project is to connect young students with the elderly community living in long-term care residences. A total of five school in both the public and private sectors responded to the project, by creating hundreds of handmade Christmas cards in multiple languages meant to provide warmth and companionship to a community that is unable to celebrate the holiday season with their loved ones.

To ensure the proper sanitary precautions were taken, the cards will be placed in a quarantine period for at least 14 days before being distributed to the residents. We congratulate the staff, students, and administrators for their exceptional work in helping to provide comfort and joy for our elderly community. We hope to replicate this project with more schools and residences in next year!

Each school was matched with a senior’s residence who communicated the number of residents who would be interested in receiving a holiday card! Over the past two weeks, children at these schools worked diligently to produce a total of over 900 Christmas cards that the residents will receive for the holiday period.

  • CHSLD Denis-Benjamin-Viger received 206 cards from Margaret Manson elementary school,

  • Excelsoin Manoir Kirkland received 170 cards from Kuper Academy elementary school,

  • Résidence de soins des aînés Château Pierrefonds received 105 cards from Académie Marie-Claire,

  • Résidence Saint-Raphael received 120 cards from École Jonathan- Wilson,

  • CHSLD Vent-de-l’Ouest received 206 cards from Terry Fox elementary school

  • Residence Château-sur-la-lac and Vigi Santé Pierrefonds received 25 and 100 cards from Collège Charlemagne.

Beginning on November 27th, 2020, the MNA of the riding of Nelligan Mr. Monsef Derraji visited schools in his riding to collect the cards and interact with the staff and a couple of students who worked tirelessly to create these cards.

The MNA declared; “I am very happy that we were able to connect the young and elderly communities during this pandemic through the creation of holiday cards. While many residents will be unable to see their loved ones in person, this project offered the students of Nelligan the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer while respecting public health protocol.”

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