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Meet Gary Charles; A word from the Nelligan riding Conservative Party candidate.

My name is Gary Charles. My wife and I have been residents of Nelligan riding for over 30 years and couldn’t be happier. We are proud West Islanders and love everything this community has to offer. 

My princesses and wife enjoying an evening in Manhattan

We firmly believe bilingualism is an asset, especially since we all live in a primarily French-speaking province. We voluntarily opted to send our three children to French schools. After all, their intention is to remain in Quebec and one day start families of their own here. Our community has embraced the French culture, and we agree that the French language must be protected and promoted. The consensus amongst most Quebecers is that we have finally achieved social and linguistic peace. 

My series of posters showing my commitment to repealing Bill 96.


Given the above, we were all shocked, especially as West Islanders, that Bill 96 was passed. The CAQ says that Bill 96 is about protecting the French language. This is patently false. There is no evidence that Bill 96 protects it. In fact, the Bill is all about suspending individual rights and freedoms. This unconstitutional law violates 38 articles in Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. 

My friend and Mayor of Kirkland, Michel Gibson, and Rhonda Massad at the West Island Community Shares Breakfast.

Bill 96 also poses a serious threat to many businesses. OQLF Inspectors can perform a search and seizure of computers and other devices without a warrant. Private citizens can challenge companies in court if there are perceived violations of Bill 96. This could be the final straw to

prompt entrepreneurs to move their companies out of Quebec. These measures also deter companies from moving their headquarters to Quebec, therefore taking away job opportunities and having a serious impact on our economy. 

There have been 11 elections in Nelligan since it was formed in the early 1980s. The Liberals have won all of them with an average of 70% of the vote. Other than confronting the PQ and the CAQ, what have the Liberals done to merit this support? The separation issue is behind us. Instead of forcefully denouncing Bill 96 when it was first introduced in the National Assembly, they proposed some amendments – meaning they inherently believed in the premise of Bill 96. The first item on the agenda when the Conservatives form the next government will be to repeal Bill 96. It’s worth noting that while the fringe parties have their hearts in the right place, they have no chance whatsoever to influence government policy.

It is important to note that the Conservatives are about much more than repealing Bill 96.

  • We will fix our healthcare system once and for all.

  • We will lower taxes.

  • We propose innovative solutions for daycares. 

The Conservative Party is positioned to become the champion of individual rights and freedoms for all Quebecers. Our community must send a clear message, and now is as good a time as any to try a different approach. If we want what’s best for us, our children, and future generations, then please VOTE CONSERVATIVE on October 3rd .

I would be honoured to faithfully represent you in the National Assembly. If you have any

comments or questions please call or text me at 438-803-1163.



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