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John Abbott Librarian receives prestigious award

Melissa Tomecz - Image courtesy of John Abbott College

Melissa Tomecz, Reference Librarian at John Abbott College for five years, is the recipient of the coveted industry honor, the Anne Galler Award for Outstanding Library Service for 2022 by the ABQLA (Association des bibliothécaires du Québec - Quebec Library Association).

The Association’s co-presidents Maria Ressina and Barbara Whiston, in communication with Melissa, shared that “…it is an honor to bestow this award on such a distinguished and accomplished colleague who has worked so steadily throughout their career to demonstrate leadership and to contribute to the library community.”

"I always told myself that one day it would be lovely to receive this award, but I never thought I could attain it anytime soon. One of my proudest moments in life was getting that acceptance letter to McGill for the Library & Information Master’s program. Seventeen years later, receiving this award will be added to that list of proudest moments," shares Melissa.

Melissa officially received her award on Friday, May 20 among colleagues and friends.


Source: John Abbott College

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