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Here are the furry friends looking for their forever home this month at Animatch

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The warmer months are finally upon us and that means there are so many pups looking for a family to finally call their own. This month's group of Animatch dogs includes a high-energy pup, a senior golden retriever, and a bonded duo from Armenia.

These 4 doggos are looking for very special homes with very special families. If you think you may be the right fit for Shandy, Bella, or Belka & Stelko, be sure to fill out the adoption application.



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Image courtesy of Animatch

Shandy is one of our long-haulers. She was picked up as a stray, so we have no history on her. We felt she needed some help before she was adopted, so she went to École de Formation des Intervenants Canins du Québec, and has flourished there.

What Shandy needs now is her forever home. This would have to be a very special place where she would be the only pet. Her family should be experienced and someone should be home a good part of the day. She is extremely high-energy and wouldn't do well on her own for hours at a time.

This girl is up for hiking, jogging, bikejoring, agility - you name it. A fenced yard would be wonderful as long as you keep your eye on her at first.

Shandy takes a little time to warm up to new people and has a great sense of adventure. She must be on a leash at all times when outside. She has learned pretty much all she can at school and needs to move on to a family that will continue her training and gives her the active life she so needs. BELLA - FEMALE - GOLDEN RETRIEVER - 12 1/2 YEARS OLD

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Image courtesy of Animatch

Bella was adopted from Animatch four years ago, but her family's circumstances changed, and she is back with us. She still needs and enjoys a couple of walks every day, but then will be content to curl up next to you to binge-watch old episodes of Lassie.

Bella is taking supplements for her hips, so if you prefer strolling to jogging, she is the girl for you.

Bella doesn't enjoy the company of other dogs and lets them know when she meets them on walks. But, alone with her human, she is an angel. Bella's looking for a family willing to supply lots of hugs and belly rubs, and she'll supply the kisses. BELKA - FEMALE-MIXED BREED - (ARMENIA) - 3 YEARS OLD STELKO - MALE - MIXED BREED - (ARMENIA) - 3 YEARS OLD

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Image courtesy of Animatch

These two beauties made the long journey from Armenia together. We would like very much to have them adopted together as they are very bonded. They were rescued from the street by Faithful Hearts International and spent the last year in their rescue.

They need obedience training to learn how to walk on a leash and how to keep their feet on the ground when greeting people. They could live with older, respectful children, and even another dog. Because of their size and the fact that there are two of them, an experienced family would be best. In the right home, these great friends would thrive and become an irreplaceable part of the family.


For more information on Shandy, Bella, Stelko, or Belka, go to

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