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Best gardens in Kirkland awarded.

Kirkland gardens were on display during the yearly "Kirkland in Bloom" contest. The properties were evaluated by the Town's horticultural team, and residents could have their say in four specialty prizes awarded by popular vote.

Each participant received a diploma, a participation prize, and an 8" x 10" photograph of their home. Winners received a plaque with a lamination of their property, a surprise present, and a trophy especially created for this year's competition. There were categories for each district and for townhouses and condominiums.

A ceremony celebrated the gardeners and spotlighted the winners.

Winner District 1 - 6 Beaubois
Winner District 2 - 37 Théorêt
Winner District 3 - 45 Marcel-Meloche
Winner District 4 - 5 Ecclestone
Winner District 5 - 22 Brigantine
Winner District 6 - 39 des Mohawks
Winner District 7 - 112 Terry-Fox
Winner District 8 - 37 Desbarats
Winner of the Row Houses & Condo Units Category: 17 boulevard Kirkland #117
Winner of the Condominium/Apartment Buildings Category
Winner of the "Coup de Cœur South Side" prize - 17 Eaton
Winner of the "Coup de Cœur North Side" prize - 14 Sutton
Winner of the "Most Original Display" prize - 52 Cherry Lane
Winner of the "Most Colourful Display" Prize - 11 Harding

PHOTOS/SOURCE: City of Kirkland


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