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A new Dorval arena is in the works

A refrigerated, covered rink near the Edgar Rouleau Arena will soon be constructed in Dorval. According to the City of Dorval's Facebook page, this space will allow the City to host a plethora of leisure and family activities year-round. Programming for ice sports will be offered during the winter. The rink will convert into a multipurpose ground for the other three seasons.

PHOTOS: Facebook, City of Dorval

"An ecological approach, sustainable development, and universal accessibility will be the guiding concepts of this project, which will promote the use of wood for the structural elements."-City of Dorval.

The rink will be built according to National Hockey League standard dimensions (26.21 X 61.26 meters), and an adjacent service building will be constructed to shelter, among other things, the locker rooms, storage space, and the ice resurfacer.

Construction work will begin in 2023, conditional on the municipal council's approval.

SOURCE: City of Dorval


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