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118 dogs arriving from Mexico this weekend are up for adoption

Diane Levesque, owner of Refuge Balto in Vaudreuil, is calling out to the community to help place 118 dogs coming into Trudeau Airport this coming Saturday, May 15, at around 8 p.m.

"Before the pandemic, we always had five or six dogs periodically arriving from Mexico," Levesque stated in an interview with WIN. "This came to a halt during the pandemic."

The cost of the flight for the pups will be close to $75,000. With vet bills, vaccines, grooming and a host of other costs, this project will cost around $168,000, according to Levesque.

"We have placed 65 dogs at this point and hope to place the rest as soon as possible. Each new owner will pay $1475 when they pick up their fur baby after they have been cleared by the shelter."

Get in touch with Diane Levesque at (438) 396-0922

Above is the plane that Levesque chartered to bring the dogs to Canada.

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