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West Islanders running this month for a cause, I Run for Cody

I RUN for CODY – a virtual run as part of the Ottawa Tamarack Scotiabank Charity event May 1 – 31, 2021

The VOBOC Foundation is extremely proud to announce the May 2021 virtual event the I RUN 4 CODY, an initiative of the Cody Michael Bouchard (CMB) Fund supporting teens and young adults with cancer.

Why Run for Cody? Because every 12 hours in Montreal an adolescent or young adult (AYA) like 19-year-old Cody Michael Bouchard is diagnosed with cancer. All funds raised help us support AYA with cancer confidently navigate the complex medical system and access vital, age-appropriate supportive services. On day one of treatment, each youth receives a backpack to help equip them for their cancer journey, we offer support to them from beginning till the end of their cancer journey. For 20 years, they have provided support through seven McGill Hospitals in Montreal, Quebec.

Montrealers are invited to join the I Run 4 Cody team by signing up on-line and for the virtual run/walk/2 kilometres /5 kilometres, half marathon/ full marathon / or as a family to participate in the official charity of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, as part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

"to see how Cody’s legacy is pulling together groups and families from different cities across Canada is overwhelming. Families are creating teams to run together, friends are creating groups and raising money...this is exactly what I feel Cody would have loved. Family & friends getting together to do good!” Jim Beauchamp

Cody’s mother Elaine, his father David, and his brother Kyle will be running the Tamarack Ottawa Half Marathon this year. “I Run 4 Cody / CMB Fund is so dear to my heart. Cody gave me a passion to run. During Cody’s in-hospital chemo treatments he would go for a 5 km run to clear his head and this became a routine that we would do together during his fight. This half marathon means so much to me as I will be running on his 21st birthday. Thank you for helping us make the CMB Fund a true success. Fuck Cancer - No One Fights Alone” Elaine Bouchard

Are you ready to join the I RUN FOR CODY team and fundraise to support adolescents and young adults undergoing cancer treatments? Contact Tanya Narang and she will help you register! 514-247-7931 (text or call).

Key messages:

#1 That this year 8,300 adolescents and young adults (AYAs) across Canada will be diagnosed with cancer. The AYA experience is unique and at a time they are just at the beginning of independence. Cancer is life interrupted, dreams stolen and feelings of isolation. There is a need for awareness of issues for this vulnerable cancer population. Out hope is that for AYAs feeling isolated and who are reaching for and in need of support – that as a community we can assure them that they are not alone. Some AYA community groups do exist –but much more support focused on AYAs is needed across this country.

#2 That together we, as Canadians, are in this fight together against cancer and that as a nation we need to step up to ensure that we can offer the best medicine, the best medical care, the best supportive services and the best welcoming environment that embraces AYAs as they begin their cancer journey and that support follows them every step of the way. An invitation to individuals who wish to support AYAs with cancer may donate to the

I Run for Cody
I RUN 4 Cody


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