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West Island Weekend Road Closures, February 19 - 22

This weekend, make sure to plan your route to avoid unexpected road closures. Montreal construction crews will be hard at work this weekend, here's what you need to know.

Highway 40:

From Friday 10 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m.

In Kirkland, closure of the Highway 40 WEST service road between Houde and Jean-Yves streets.

On Highway 40 WEST, exit 49 (Chemin Sainte-Marie) will also be closed.

Saint-Pierre Interchange:

Friday 11 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m

Closure of the ramp leading from Highway 20 EST to R-138 WEST (exit 63), towards the Honoré-Mercier bridge.

Closure of the entrance to 1st Avenue / boulevard Montréal-Toronto for R-138 WEST

A Reminder of Continuing Road Closures:

Dorval Roundabout: complete closure of Highway 20 in both directions between exits 56 (A-520, avenue Dorval) and the following entrances including, highway 520 westbound between exit 1-E (avenue Cardinal) and the Dorval roundabout until spring 2021.

Also, closure of the Dorval roundabout under the highway 20 overpass bridges. The sections of the roundabout allowing east and west movements, however, remain open.


Des Sources: in Pointe-Claire, the Sources Boulevard entrance for Highway 20 WEST has been reopened to all vehicles without load restrictions since Wednesday.

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