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West Island Walmarts are no longer using plastic bags

In an attempt to be more eco-friendly and reduce the use of single-use plastic, Walmarts across the West Island and the rest of Montreal will be removing their plastic bags at check out and for online purchases.

By the end of April, all of Walmarts 400 stores across Canada will no longer have single-use plastic bags. This will prevent the circulation of 680 million plastic bags a year.

The plastic bags will be replaced with reusable bags and reusable bins. If you forget your own bags you'll have to pay 87 cents for a reusable bag or $6.00 for the reusable bins. If you're hoping to drop by Walmart soon to get the last of the plastic bags, unfortunately you're out of luck because all the single-use plastic bags are already gone.

Here are some of the other changes Walmart has been making to become a more eco-conscious company:

  • Eliminating plastic wrap from organic banana bunches and single peppers, which removes more than 205,000 lbs. of plastic annually

  • Increasing post-consumer recycled content in the packaging holding baked goods, avoiding the use of 925,000 lbs. of new plastics annually

  • Removing 420,000 lbs. of expanded poly styrene from entering the supply chain annually by introducing new packaging for sausage trays

  • Eliminating single-use plastic straws in-store and replacing them with paper alternatives, taking approximately 35 million single-use plastic straws out of circulation annually


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