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Video: West Island business subject to a slew of break-ins

Sourcil Au Fil is a chain of beauty salons off of Saint-Charles Boulevard in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, and Saint-Jean Boulevard in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. These locations have been the victims of vandalism and theft over the past few years, with an alarming spike in the past two weeks.

Most recently, at the Sourcil Au Fil Saint-Jean location, a break-in occurred on Monday, August 15th, damaging the property's facade. Robbers attempted to steal from the cash register but to no avail, as the register was empty.

PHOTO: Sourcil Au Fil, Police at the scene last Monday, August 15th

VIDEO: Sourcil Au Fil, August 15th break-in off of Saint-Jean Boulevard

Not long before that incident, on Sunday, August 7th, at their Saint-Charles location, video footage shows another break-in. The suspect is seen trying to open the cash register in camera footage from the onsite cameras. Windows were shattered when police arrived at the scene, and they are currently investigating the incident, according to the business owner.

VIDEO: Sourcil Au Fil, August 7th break-in off of Saint-Charles Boulevard

VIDEO: Sourcil Au Fil, August 7th break-in off of Saint-Charles Boulevard

Damages aside, it is the toll on the employees' mental health that concerns the business owner: "It's difficult for our mental health because we think that as we walk around our workplace during the day, complete strangers might invade our store at night.”

This is not the first time the store owner is witnessing an attack like this. In 2019, she came by the store to retrieve some items when she was met by an intruder who had entered the store illegally. Again in 2020, another deliberate attempt to damage the cash register and store window was committed.

The store owner expressed her frustration: "It is devastating to feel as though you are constantly being sabotaged."

It is difficult for her to speak of the store's history of break-ins, and she hopes only to raise awareness to protect other business owners, specifically those along Saint-Charles and Saint-Jean Boulevards, areas that host many businesses yet have a history of break-ins.

"What is gone is gone, but we don't want this to continue to happen because now it is really scary; we have to reassure our employees that it is still safe to come into work. If there is a chance that those involved will see this and stop committing these crimes, it is worth speaking about. "

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