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Top 10 Montreal spots to grab a poutine this St-Jean Baptiste Day

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In honor of St-Jean Baptiste Day, we asked you, our West Island community, your favorite spots to grab the classic Quebec snack; fresh-cut fries, golden gravy, and cheese curds all melt into the delicacy that has come to be known as Poutine.

Let us know down below where you like to grab this delicious dish! Did we include it down below?

10. Dic Ann’s

Dominic “Dick” Potenza was born in West Virginia and grew up in Utica, New York. He became well known in the Rochester - Buffalo area during the ’40s as a head-waiter in the supper-club type restaurants of the era. It was at one of these supper clubs that he met his future wife, jazz accordionist Ann Collecchia, who performed using the stage name of Ann Russell. Together, they envisioned a fast food restaurant that would serve an original-style hamburger with their own special sauce. After much thought, this original style hamburger took the form of a toasted bun containing a thin patty that would cook quickly. After they modified and combined two recipes that they brought with them from Rochester, Dick and Ann developed their famous hot sauce.

9. La Fleur

Winning your heart since 1951. At Lafleur, we bring people together day after day by offering classics made from fresh ingredients.

8. La Frite à Brigitte

La Frite à Brigitte is one of the best places for Poutine at very competitive prices. The menu offers many choices all of which are delicious. What can we say about the smiling cashier and very nice servers! They work with enthusiasm and professionalism. A warm welcome, great employees, and extraordinary service. You are encouraged to stop by and see for yourself!

7. Dunn’s

Having recently taken on the role of Dunn's VP, Myer Dunn's great-grandson, Andrew Kligman is more than up to the challenge of preserving the Montreal delicatessen's rich history and tradition, while staying tapped into today’s fast-paced industry. With his father and previous generations before them as role models, Kligman is confident that Dunn's will continue to stay true to those old-fashioned values that have made Dunn's Famous smoked meat such a staple in Montreal.

6. Pizza Nikkos

Serving the fine customers of Dollard Des Ormeaux and surrounding areas for over 20 years, there’s a reason our clients have fallen in love with us and keep coming back for more. Come try us and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Pizza Capital Pierrefonds

At Pizza Capital we are committed to offering an efficient and qualified service to our customers, offering tasty meals prepared exclusively with the freshest ingredients. You will love our food; our distinguished promotions and combos will satisfy your demands but also your pocket thanks to their accessible prices. For fried chicken lovers we have the crunchiest pieces served with BBQ sauce and fries. Making honor to our name we offer the 2 for 1 pizza combos because we know that one is never enough. So check our menu and order by phone or online, we can deliver for you with no problems or you can pick it up, you will find us at Pierrefonds.

4. Frites Alors

Frite Alors! first opened its doors on May 27, 1991, in a small premises on Park Avenue in Montreal. Its Belgian founder Jean Jurdant wondered why he couldn’t find better fries in Montreal and instantly saw the opportunity to import his know-how from Belgium.

3. Paulo et Suzanne Gouin Ouest

Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne was born when three very good friends had a wonderful idea to open up a restaurant in front of Sacre Coeur Hospital. The store was founded by Suzanne, Andrie, and Jocelyn; they opened on March 18, 1980. After 25 years of service, Suzanne decided to sell the restaurant in October of 2003, to Manon and Angelo, she still stayed on as a waitress serving her beloved customers! There have been many changes to Paulo et Suzanne since its new ownership, but one thing remains certain, it is a fun, friendly, fast-paced, high-energy hot spot, opened 24 hours, and the neighborhood gathering place for family and friends!

2. Ma Poule Mouillée

As the chef says, it is the sauce that makes the difference, because everyone is able to grill a chicken. He invites you to discover Ma Poule Mouillée, if it is not already done. By the quality offered at each bite and by the immensity of each plate, affordable, you will not be disappointed! Come and judge for yourself and come to feast your tastebuds by savoring our famous Portuguese traditions and our delicious chicken roasted on charcoal.

1. La Banquise

La Banquise, originally a small ice-cream shop, first opened its doors in May 1968. The following fall, its founder and local fireman Pierre Barsalou, decided to transform the enterprise into a 24-hour snack bar. At the time La Banquise specialized in amazing good hot dogs and legendary fries. Poutine first appeared on the menu at the start of the 1980s. Originally, Classic and Italian were the only two varieties offered. In response to repeated requests and very satisfied customers, the restaurant’s poutine choices quickly multiplied. Today, we offer no less than 30 different types of poutine.

Honourable Mention:

Restaurant Sauvé's Hudson

La Frite de L’Île

Décarie Hot dog


Restaurant Hamelin, Rigaud


Whether your a thick-cut fan, a golden sauce connoisseur, or a cheese curd fiend, we guarantee you'll find lots on this list to enjoy!

Be sure to let us know which poutine you decide to try!

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