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Thousands of health, social service, and education workers set to strike Monday.

Thousands of Quebec workers are set to go on strike Monday, affecting both schools and the health-care network. Here's what you need to know:

Important Points:

- Over 420,000 public-sector workers in Quebec will participate in the strike, demanding better pay and improved working conditions.

- Picket lines will be seen in front of schools and hospitals across the province.

Why Are Workers Striking?

- The strike is organized by the Common Front, a coalition of major union federations representing education, health, and social service workers.

- Negotiations with the Quebec government for the renewal of collective agreements have been ongoing for a year.

- Workers voted 95% in favor of the strike, citing issues like salaries, pensions, and parental rights.

- They seek a three-year contract with yearly increases tied to the consumer price index.

- The Quebec government's recent offer, including a 10.3% salary increase over five years, was rejected by the unions.

How Are Schools Affected?

- The strike will impact elementary, secondary, and specialized schools, as well as transportation and daycare services. Some schools like Lester B. Pearson School Board and English Montreal School Board will be closed in the morning.

- LBPSB and EMSB schools will continue as usual starting at 11 a.m., with schoolyard supervision available at 10:50 a.m.

- CEGEP teachers are also participating, leading to some canceled Monday morning classes.

- Quebec's public daycares (CPEs) are not affected by the strike.

Will Health Care Be Affected?

- Health-care workers are involved in the strike, but due to essential service laws, disruptions should be limited.

- Workers will work at reduced capacity instead of walking off the job.

- The Quebec Department of Health and Social Services has put measures in place to ensure the smooth operation of health services despite the strike.

Source : with files from Canadian Press

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