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Meet November's Animatch adoptees!


Eve arrived at Animatch with her pups, who have since found everlasting homes. She has been living with her foster mother for a few months but is ready to pack her bags and go to her forever home! Eve's foster mother claims she's intelligent and eager to please. Until she spots a squirrel, she behaves well on a leash and gets along with her adopted siblings and other calm dogs. Eve is an expert countersurfer; she is capable of reaching everything. She can be slightly anxious when left alone, but she does better in a small room with her bed, toys, and water. If she experiences anxiety, she has mishaps. Eve sometimes lunges and barks at men but is fine with a proper introduction. Training will have to continue in her forever home, but if it does, Eve has the potential to become an excellent companion.


Foxy got injured by a car and had to leave her home up north, where there were no veterinarians. Thankfully, she won't need surgery because her hip and pelvis are on the mend. Her breed mix is a mystery, but she's little for a husky and probably won't weigh more than twenty-five pounds. Foxy requires a family that will provide plenty of affection, food, exercise, playtime, and socialization. Dedication and hard work will be rewarded with this lovely girl's loyalty and company!


Beagles are frequently referred to as noses joined to bodies. Hoss is not an outlier. He disappears as soon as he detects a scent. He needs to be fenced in and leashed at all times when going for walks. He barks like a beagle, so no condos or apartments. Hoss would like to have a dog sibling and would gain from attending obedience training. Come find this adorable youngster who is waiting for you.


When Animal Control saved Peggy in April, she was in pretty bad shape but has since made significant progress. She's starting to get the hang of walking on a leash and can't wait to attend obedience school to pick up all the skills she needs. Although Peggy gets along with other dogs, her human will always be her one and only love. Nothing makes her happier than rolling onto her back and receiving belly rubs. She knows her fur-ever home is out there, trying to find her. Interested? Complete the form.

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