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This social media initiative is paying thanks to Quebec's healthcare workers

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These Facebook and Instagram pages are on a mission to spread kindness and appreciation for our frontline workers during the continued onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although for many of us, it's slowly starting to feel as though we're reaching the light at the end of a 2-year-long tunnel, for nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers, they are still very much in the dark.

The Ma Dose D'Amour (My Dose of Love) initiative was created by three Quebec nurses who have experienced the impact of the pandemic firsthand. Fearing for their colleagues' well-being and mental health, they created Ma Dose D'Amour, a social media project that allows healthcare workers and citizens alike to show their appreciation for nurses and frontline staff.

Their mission is to "share small and big gestures and show solidarity and support for these caring people who are so essential to us!"

In a Facebook post made by François Legault, Quebec's Premier was not shy to announce his complete support of the mission. Legault emphasized the importance of kindness and empathy, especially during the winter months when the cold, grey weather can contribute to seasonal affective disorder.

"We all need human warmth. Our healthcare workers have given and given for more than two years; it is their turn to receive love", said the Premier.


Ma Dose D'Amour is inviting anyone and everyone who has a story they would like to share, or a message of thanks they would like to give, to do so on all social media platforms by using the hashtag #madosedamour.

From the team at West Island News, we are sending all of our 'thank-yous' and appreciation to all healthcare workers, nurses, PABs, doctors, pharmacists, and frontline staff. We salute you.


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