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This petition is asking the Quebec government to lower tax rates on climbing gas prices

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Over the course of the last few weeks, prices in the province and across the nation have soared to record highs since 2014. For some, the hike in prices is a small price to pay for violence and war in other parts of the world. But for others, it has meant a strict tightening of the budget reins, and a set of necessary sacrifices surrounding finances.

A petition created by David Tordjman is asking Quebec government officials to place a temporary reduction on the province’s fuel tax rates.

If you’re like the vast majority of West Islanders, you’ve likely never taken a close enough look at your receipt to know that the average tax rate on fuel in Quebec is 19 cents a liter. And that does not account for higher tax rates in the face of international crises such as a global pandemic or violent invasion of a sovereign country.

The petition proposes that the Quebec government place a temporary reduction on fuel taxes in order to make life a little more affordable in a time where prices are skyrocketing in all sectors.

As Tordjman explains, “the current situation in Ukraine and resulting war have driven gas prices at the pump to unaffordable levels. The province has the capacity to reduce the percentage of tax on fuel. They would still get the money they need but a reduction in the tax would make life a little more affordable. It's not just for you and your car, fuel prices affect all transport and that means your groceries too. The government needs its revenue I agree but these prices are making the hardest hit even harder.”

If you would like to sign the petition, visit


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