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The top 5 West Island bike routes!

We asked our readers to let us know what their favourite bike routes are. Which ones made the cut?

There's nothing like spending a beautiful spring day biking. What better way to get fresh air and sunlight than by riding some lovely paths on your bike? We would be remiss if we failed to mention the plethora of paths that the West Island has to offer. Some of these take you through the hustle and bustle of various boroughs while others create a soothing, nature experience like no other. Don't know which one to choose? Fear not, as West Island News has nicknamed and highlighted the Top 5 Bike Routes Of The West Island!

5. The "Belle-Vue"

Bike path in Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue
The "Belle-Vue" Path. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps.

If a visitor wants to get a good feel of what the city of Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue has to offer, then they must try what WIN is calling "The Belle-Vue!" The path starts in the northern residential area of the borough, at the corner of Grenier and D'Aoust roads. After a ride through the fields, the path then takes you past various SADB staples such as The Ecomuseum & The Morgan Arboretum. After a very safe ride over Highway 40 & down Anciens-Combattants boulevard, it's all smooth sailing as you hang a right on Sainte-Anne Street, the picturesque road that takes you through the old town.

4. The "Pierrefonds Express"

The "Pierrefonds Express" Path located in Pierrefonds
The "Pierrefonds Express" Path. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps.

WIN named this path for a very obvious reason: It shows off Pierrefonds and it's quite a fast route! Any cyclist can start their journey on the corner of Sources & Pierrefonds boulevards and head as far west as Château Pierrefonds road, crossing the northern ends of many major West Island boulevards and roads. The ride is perfect for those who want to get from "Point A to B" or stop at various restaurants and shops! Who knows. Perhaps you'll even see Pierrefonds Mayor (and cycling enthusiast) Jim Beis taking a ride!

3. The "Island"

The "Island" Path. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps
The "Island" Path Located In Île Bizard. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps

We're not talking about the island of Montreal. This is a complete change of pace as we island hop to Île Bizard! Nowhere else can you bike around a whole island and get the stunning views of Lake of Two Mountains & the Rivière Des Prairies. The route is a must for anyone wanting to get a quick workout in for the day or simply desiring a joy ride through the quiet neighbourhood and vast farmland.

2. The "Grand Tour"

The "Grand Tour" path extends as far east as DDO. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps.

Perhaps one of the most popular routes, the "Grand Tour" essentially crosses a majority of the West Island. Starting as far east as Sunnybrooke boulevard, cyclists will be taken through DDO & Kirkland. A major bonus: the city of Kirkland has expanded its bike path past Timberlea-Trail Road, creating an extension that joins with Anse-A-L'Orme Road.

path in sainte anne de bellevue
The Anse-A-L'Orme leg of the path for the nature lovers.

Those who wish to continue their journey north on the road will experience the absolutely beautiful scenery of wilderness and the feeling of serenity. Once the path ends on Gouin Boulevard, the rider can head westbound into Senneville or east towards Pierrefonds and the beautiful Cap-Saint-Jacques nature park.

1. The West Island Heritage Bicycle Trail

west island heritage trail route
Bike along Lac St. Louis on the scenic & popular WIHT route. Image Courtesy Of Google Maps.

The WIHBT is most definitely the ultimate historical experience. The path was created by the Société du Patrimoine de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (S.P.O.I.), and is one of the most memorable biking experiences one can have. While the route does have a daunting 70KM of paths, Cyclists can take their time over various weekends to explore the route in its entirety. The path starts at Dorval's Millenium park and runs clockwise through Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield, Baie D'urfé, Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue, Senneville, Sainte Geneviève, and through Pierrefonds-Roxboro. There are many historical sites to visit along the way making this trip an educational and historical experience.

Got any other favourite bike routes? Let us know in the comment section below!

As always, West Island News advises our readers to always take proper precautions while biking for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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There needs to be a bike path on sources from the 20 to Pierrefond blvd. This is one of the few major arteries that doesnt have one that could sure use one. There are many cyclistes on the sidewalks happening pedestdian movements

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