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The Southern West Island Community Council Launches the Next Community Planning Process.

As the first stage of the Southern West Island Community Planning Process for 2024–2029, the Table de Quartier Sud de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (TQSOI), the community council for residents of Baie-D'Urfé, Beaconsfield, Dorval, Kirkland, Pointe–Claire, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Senneville, has begun a month of consultations.


Images from a public consulation at the launch of the process in November.

The TQSOI is inviting locals to engage in public gatherings and online forums from December 8th to January 8th, 2023, to voice their concerns, consider solutions, and add to the Community Portrait. These points of feedback can be found in your neighborhood retail areas, libraries, and other public spaces.

"We've created a diversity of ways for residents to tell us about the issues they're facing every day - from online photo surveys to kiosks at the mall," explained Alena Zuileva, Executive Director of the TQSOI. "We know that the best way to understand how housing, food security, transportation, and other issues are affecting our communities is to hear from people who have lived through the experience of these issues. Together, we'll build a Community Portrait that will guide our action plan for the next five years."

Visit the TQSOI website at for a comprehensive list of methods to take part in the consultation.


The TQSOI Social Development Committee will display the portrait at a public meeting in February 2024, coinciding with the start of the second stage of the planning process. Residents will have the chance to collaborate and come up with solutions to the problems presented at the meeting. The second Social Development Action Plan for the Southern West Island will be presented at the TQSOI's Annual General Assembly in June 2024, marking the completion of the process.


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