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The Liam Foundation marks Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week with a special fundraiser

From left to right, Kevin James Reason, Chris Nilan, and Liam Reason.

It is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week! Mitochondrial disease affects the body's mitochondria, which are tiny compartments in almost every cell of the body. Living with the condition means that some body cells do not have enough energy to function how they are supposed to. According to Mito Canada, every 30 minutes, a child is born who will develop a mitochondrial disease, and an estimated 10,000+ Canadians suffer from primary mitochondrial disease.

Kevin explained the importance of this week: "What I ask all my family and friends to do is to help me 'light it up green' this week! You can simply change your porch light to green. When someone asks why the green light, you can tell them you love someone with mitochondrial disease. Awareness is key!"

Kevin James Reason founded The Liam Foundation, to support his son Liam Reason, which has been transformative for the community and children afflicted with the disease. It has funded an expansive and innovative medication trial in partnership with the Montréal Children's Hospital. This trial is introducing medication from Europe, the first of its kind, and has been helping Liam and another ten children from around the world fight the disease.


Chris Nilan, former Habs alumnus, has supported the Foundation since he got wind of Liam's story. Mr. Nilan hopes to support Kevin and all those affected by mitochondrial diseases through the Liam Foundation: "I see how hard and tirelessly Kevin works to help his son to live. I can only imagine what parents go through and how difficult it is for them and their children. We want people to jump on board to try and help. It's not an easy thing to do on your own, no question."

A fundraiser comedy night will be held this Saturday, September 24th at Beurling Academy in Verdun. The show will be hosted by Ted Bird, and headlined by the "Son of Verdun," Jeff O'Brien. The show begins at 8:30, and ticket requests can be sent to Kevin James Reason or Christine Tellier.

To donate to Liam's page on the MCHF website, visit

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