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The JAC Foundation Loonie Line fundraiser is back to help Cegep students stay in school.

On March 15, 2023, students, staff, faculty, alumni and the general public are invited to come in person to place a loonie (or several) along double-sided tape that spans the main hallway (700 ft) of the College. Donations can also be made online in advance.

PHOTO: John Abbott College

Launched in 2003 by John Abbott College employees, the purpose of the Loonie Line is to help students in need. Since its inception, this event alone has raised over $240,000, 100% of which has gone to the JAC Student Assistance Fund.

The Student Assistance Fund was created to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to complete their studies and achieve their goals. The student population is a diverse one, and while some of Abbott's students can afford registration fees, books, food, transportation, rent and heating bills, many struggle with these basic living expenses.

This year, the Foundation is thrilled to announce that Pfizer Canada is matching loonie for loonie, up to $10,000!

"Pfizer Canada is proud to support the John Abbott College Loonie Line in order to help address social determinants of health. We hope that our financial support will make a positive difference and create a lasting social impact for members of underserved communities by helping them be successful in their academic journey," says Vincent Lamoureux, Director, Global Health and Social Impact, Developed Markets.

Here are a few words from a student who graduated from Nursing and has benefited directly from the Loonie Line fundraiser:

“What I really look forward to, is one day soon, being able to give back, and be a source of help and comfort to those who need a hand, as the John Abbott College Foundation has done for me.”

SOURCE: The John Abbott College Foundation


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