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Discussing domestic violence with Caroline Paradis in honour of International Women's Day.

This evening, March 8th at 7 pm, a special conference will be held at the Île-Bizard Sainte-Geneviève Library in honour of International Women's Day. Explore Your Courage, by Caroline Paradis, is about violence within the context of an intimate relationship.

PHOTO: Borough of L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève

As a mother of four, Caroline has decided to travel nearly 4500 kilometers by bike to support the organization Le Chaînon, which helps women in difficulty. She will share her experience and how she rebuilt her life after having lived through several episodes of domestic violence. For her, adventure allowed her to break her silence, to share and offer her reflections as a gift, and thus, give hope to many.

PHOTOS: Borough of L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève

What do the challenges of a 42-day, 4,200 km cycling adventure on the roads of Quebec have in common with those experienced in the context of violence in an intimate relationship? Fear, physical and psychological exhaustion, financial challenges, family challenges, physical wounds, emotional wounds, the power of action, the courage to ask for help, resilience, vulnerability, and most importantly, freedom from the silence of victimization. Exploring your courage means saying NO to violence!

Registration is required; click here to register through the Loisirs Montréal portal. Open to all, but you must have a Loisirs Montréal account.

SOURCE: Borough of L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève


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