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Pointe-Claire and its citizens recognized for their commitment to environmental initiative.

Pointe-Claire received the 2022 Leader in Durability award for successfully recycling 4,071 kilograms of batteries last year. Thanks to citizens' involvement in the management of residual materials, batteries were safely disposed of to lower the City's ecological footprint.

"Appel à Recycler" (Call 2 Recycle) is an environmental organization with the goal of ensuring the proper collection and disposal of batteries and other hazardous household waste. For over two decades, the organization has worked with cities such as Pointe-Claire to help implement sustainable battery disposal methods.

The organization's President, Joe Zenobio, commends the City of Pointe-Claire and its citizens for their continued engagement towards environmental issues and the responsible management of batteries.

You can continue to dispose of your used batteries at the following collection centers:

The City also has several collection points for batteries, small electronic items, cork, polystyrene (Styrofoam), and other hazardous items. For all additional information on permanent collection points, visit the website:

SOURCE: City of Pointe-Claire


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