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The Ecomuseum Zoo has exciting news!

Courtesy of @zooecomuseum on instagram

One year ago Kola, the giant crow had quite the adventure when he disappeared from his enclosure at the Ecomuseum Zoo. He was found in a plastic bin by Montreal police near Anse-à-l'Orme. Without his ID tag, Kola had to undergo a few medical tests to confirm that it was him.

The Ecomuseum Zoo posted an update last week, saying that he is doing well. Kola has returned safely and is being taken care of by an excellent medical team that monitors his special treatments.

While you're visiting Kola you can explore the other animals and activities in the Ecomuseum's new Experience+ Program, like the VIP activities with a choice of theme (birds of prey, reptiles, zoo stars), "Zookeeper for the day" as well as "Breakfast with the animals".

These fun activities take place during the months of November and December. You can register on the Ecomuseum's website under "calendar of activities".


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