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The Ecomuseum welcomes a new resident to their wolf pack

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If you're under the impression a visit to the Ecomuseum in Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue is an activity reserved for the summer months, think again. As the temperatures cool, and the leaves begin to change, a day surrounded by nature, loved ones and wildlife is the perfect outing for friends and families everywhere.

Here's what the Ecomuseum has going on this season to make your Autumn magical and memorable.


Storytime at the zoo

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Twice a month, the Ecomuseum hosts "Storytime at the Zoo" where your child will have the chance to read a story and meet one of the facility's animals up close and personall presented by the animators of the sanctuary.

Well-suited for children ages 0-5 years old, this bi-monthly event occurs once in French and once in English and is perfect for the animal-loving toddlers in your life.


Meet the sanctuary's newest member, Akela

The Ecomuseum is excited to officially introduce its guests to Akela, the latest furry friend to join the park.

Akela is a four-month-old wolf who was unfortunately rejected by the rest of his litter. Thankfully, the team at the Ecomuseum has made a new home for him, and he is settling in well.

Akela was named after the pack leader in Disney's "The Jungle Book" and the staff at the Ecomuseum are sure he will live up to the name. He will soon become the alpha male of the group with fellow grey wolves Palla and Missy.

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