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Talk of relaxing travel measures for doubly vaccinated Canadians

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A timeline could be announced in the coming days. Ottawa expects the number of people who have received two doses to increase rapidly and the possibility of other major outbreaks to decrease.

Remember that for the moment, people returning to the country by plane must undergo quarantine at a designated hotel while they await a negative COVID test result. They must also self-isolate for 14 days at their home.

Exemptions for athletes?

After the federal government cleared NHL teams to cross the border without quarantine, as part of the playoffs, other teams and athletes are asking for exemptions. “The federal government exemption for NHL team travel is an encouraging development (...) We continue to work with MLS and the other Canadian clubs to find a solution that will allow us to get back to Montreal as quickly as possible. possible, ”CF Montreal reported on Monday. Several Olympic athletes are also pushing for a relaxation of the rules, due to the fact training often occurs at facilities outside the country.

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