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Support the Special Olympics with motionball Marathon of Sport

Image courtesy of WIX

For many the Special Olympics is about more than just playing a sport and being active, it is about the connection and friendships they build while doing an activity that they love. It also brings a sense of belonging and stability which is important for mental and physical health.

On March 26, an all-day fundraiser event called motionball Marathon of Sport will bring athletes of all abilities together to play! This fundraiser brings awareness to the Special Olympics movement and allows people with and without disabilities to form bonds and create a more inclusive community.

During the Marathon of Sport teams will be playing alongside Special Olympics athletes as well as raising funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

Motionball not only raises awareness of the Special Olympics but works to promote positivity and inclusion by demonstrating there is #NoGoodWay of using the "r-word" which is hurtful and offensive.

For more information on motionball and to donate to a great cause visit


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