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 Renowned Singer Michelle Treacy Empowers Canadian Youth Against Bullying


Montreal, Quebec – Local schools across Quebec and Ontario are welcoming a special guest this spring as American Idol Golden Ticket winner and acclaimed singer-songwriter Michelle Treacy embarks on a transformative journey with the No Time for That (NTFT) Anti-Bullying Society. Powered by Montreal-based BRP, the 2024 NTFT Tour is using the power of music and personal storytelling to inspire students, educators, and administrators to combat bullying and foster inclusive school communities.

Treacy, known for her soulful voice and empowering lyrics, is joining forces with NTFT to share her own experiences of overcoming challenges and advocating for mental health awareness. Through a series of in-person presentations and virtual sessions, she is reaching out to primary, middle, and secondary schools, delivering powerful messages of kindness, empathy, and resilience.

The NTFT Tour, supported by BRP, aims to empower youth and educators nationwide, encouraging them to create supportive environments where bullying has no place. With each presentation, Treacy not only performs her original songs but also engages with students and educators, sharing personal anecdotes and insights into the importance of standing up against bullying.

"Our mission is to use music as a tool for positive change," said Michelle Treacy. "Through our performances and discussions, we hope to inspire young people to embrace kindness, empathy, and inclusivity in their schools and communities."

In addition to the presentations, the NTFT Tour provides valuable resources and materials to teachers and parent council groups, enabling them to continue the conversation on bullying prevention and mental health awareness long after Treacy's visit.

"BRP is proud to support initiatives like the NTFT Tour that empower young people to make a difference," said a spokesperson for BRP. "By investing in programs that promote empathy and inclusion, we can create a brighter future for Canadian youth."

Looking ahead, the NTFT Tour plans to expand its reach, with in-person tours scheduled to take place across Canada by 2026. Through the partnership between Michelle Treacy, NTFT, and BRP, the fight against bullying continues to gain momentum, spreading messages of hope, acceptance, and resilience to communities nationwide.

For more information about the NTFT Tour and upcoming events, visit NTFT Anti-Bullying Society's website.



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