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Ste-Anne's fireplace regulations and mandatory declaration

In an effort to offer a healthy environment and quality of life to its citizens, the city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has adopted a new by-law on solid fuel appliances and fireplaces.

Burning firewood is known to be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and can have harmful effects on health. Protecting the environment and air quality is a collective responsibility, and it is part of the city's strategic initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions on its territory that the city of Ste-Anne's has made changes to the regulations governing solid fuel burning appliances.

Before using a solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace or undertaking installation or renovation work, be sure to know the regulations in force.

What is considered to be a solid fuel burning appliance? Solid fuel burning appliances are stoves, inserts or factory-built fireplaces designed to burn logs of wood or other solid materials such as manufactured firelogs, coal or pellets.

A gas fireplace or electric fireplace is not a solid fuel burning appliance.

Rules concerning the use of solid fuel burning appliances and fireplaces It is prohibited to use a solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace that is not EPA or CAN/CSA- B415.1 certified and that does not meet the maximum particulate matter emission rate of 4.1 g/h, except for homeowners with a grandfathered right until 2025.

It is also prohibited to use any solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace (whether it is compliant or not) when an Environment Canada smog warning is in effect for some or all of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

These restrictions do not apply during power outages affecting the residence for more than 3 hours.

Existing appliances grandfathered until 2025 If you own a solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace with a particulate matter emission rate that exceeds 4.1 g/h, you must declare it to the City of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue before June 8, 2021 in order to benefit from a grandfathered right to use the appliance until September 1, 2025.

Homeowners who do not declare their appliances by June 8, 2021 may be subject to fines and will not be entitled to the grandfathered right. The City may therefore require the homeowner to stop using their device before 2025. After this date, any appliance will have to comply with the regulations in force.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact the Urban Planning Department at 514-457-5720 or

Mandatory declaration of a solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace All owners of a solid fuel burning appliance or fireplace in the territory of the City of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, even if this appliance was installed a long time ago, must complete a declaration form and submit it to the City.

The deadline for completing the mandatory declaration is June 8, 2021.

The City of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue thus wishes to create a register of all solid fuel burning appliances on its territory in order to have a better portrait of the situation for future decisions and in order to be able to communicate better with owners in the event of regulatory changes.

Installing or replacing solid fuel burning appliances or fireplaces New or replacement solid fuel burning appliances or fireplaces installed inside buildings must be EPA-certified and emit 2.5 g/h or less of fine particles into the air. You must obtain a permit before proceeding with the work.

Outdoor fireplaces Outdoor fireplaces, covered or otherwise, are prohibited throughout the Agglomeration of Montreal. In addition, any outdoor burning of wood, paper, waste, leaves, garbage, electrical wires or other material is prohibited in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

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