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Sober socializing; how this craft beer company and Canadian folk singer are joining forces

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SOURCE: Upstreet Craft Brewing

Upstreet Craft Brewing, a B-Corp certified beverage company on a mission to refresh the community and its non-alcoholic craft beer brand Libra, is partnering with Juno-award-winning Canadian folk-rocker Serena Ryder to normalize socializing without alcohol.

As Libra's Chief Balance Ambassador, Serena will co-create wellness-inspired content and experiences that encourage Canadians to re-imagine what being social means to them and help them find a balance that works with their health and lifestyle goals.

Today, 40% of Canadians are prioritizing their mental well-being due to the pandemic. Millennials are spurring the sober curious movement, which encourages balancing alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages or adopting a sober lifestyle.

Kicking off during Sober October, the duo will collaborate to educate and support Canadians taking a more mindful approach to be social.

"Changing the conversation about being social and having fun without alcohol is so important. I love to party and be out with my friends. Drinking Libra allows me to be social and not feel like I am missing out,"
- Serena Ryder.
"I chose to work with Libra because they completely align with my core values. They are all about mental wellness, health, sustainability, and they are a B-corp, so doing business differently is in their DNA. I also really love everything about the beer. There are so many opportunities for us to help Canadians find their balance but also give back and support other artists."

As part of this partnership and Upstreet Craft Brewing's 'Do Good Fund,' 1% of Libra sales will support ArtHaus - Serena's music incubator, mentorship, and experiential wellness community.

Its mission is to create a landscape where artists, musicians, creators, music industry leaders, and wellness experts can come together and support one another. Its mentorship programs help artists hone their craft and collaborate with others in the industry while also providing mental wellness tools to support their overall wellness.

"Music is a big part of the culture at Upstreet, and from day one, we have supported local artists and the arts community in Atlantic Canada. When we started talking with Serena and her team, it became crystal clear that our values are in sync. We are excited to join forces and change the conversation on what being social can look like and help more artists across Canada access the mentorship and wellness services they need to grow."
- Mitch Cobb, Co-Owner, Upstreet Craft Brewing

Libra was created by Upstreet owners Mitch Cobb and Mike Hogan's need to socialize without sacrificing their health. They wanted to make a non-alcoholic beer that worked with their lifestyle, not against it.

After two and a half years of research and development, Upstreet Craft Brewing launched its first Libra Pale Ale in October 2020. Following the success of the Pale Ale, it launched Libra Hazy IPA in the summer, which sold out in a matter of days.

Just in time for fall, Canadians can enjoy two new brews: a Libra Pilsner and a limited batch of Libra Pumpkin Spice Ale. The international beer community also recently awarded two 2021 World Beer Award bronze medals to Libra Pale Ale in the non-alcoholic beer and can design categories.

Libra can be found nationally on and

In Atlantic Canada, Libra can be purchased at Sobeys, select liquor stores, Upstreet's three locations in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, and Coleman's Grocery Stores in Newfoundland.


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