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"ROED" film, winner of two prestigious awards at the ACTRA Montreal Short Film Festival.

Over a late spring 2023 brunch with a small group of girlfriends, an idea was hatched. As they gathered to catch up on families, work, and the latest news, the discussion turned to the rollbacks of laws happening south of the border, specifically targeting what we believe to be a women's rights issue. Roe v. Wade was a 1973 landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which it ruled that the U.S. Constitution generally protected the right of a woman to have an abortion.

Diving further into their views and feelings on the topic, ideas for a short film began percolating. Over the years of friendship, these women had long talked about working together, and this seemed to be an idea, and a cause, that lit them up.

Penned by Tara Bissett, the first draft of what became Roed was sent out a couple of weeks later, and from there, the wheels were in motion.

In addition to making a film about a subject they cared about, the women wanted to learn. All actors by profession, this time they took on new roles, "If we fell on our faces, we would learn more about the other side of our business, get back up, and try again." They all felt this was the time, that the tale was important and pertinent, and more, it had to be told now. They wanted to be one more voice advocating for women's autonomy, which is under threat in several states as of this writing. "Although we have more rights here in Canada, we can't take it for granted."

The women reached out to several Montreal-based colleagues, and, without exception, everyone enthusiastically jumped on board to tell this story, donating their time, resources, and talents to produce the film.

After a whirlwind shoot and edit, the film was submitted to the Montreal ACTRA Short Film Festival. "What a privilege to be included in this collection of outstanding short films made by our Montreal peers."

On the night of the film festival, October 17, 2023, Roed was awarded two big wins in two categories. "Blown Away" would be an understatement for Dawn Lambing, who won 'Best Director' and "Roed" winning 'Best Film,' "Now that's just Magical!!"

This film is about a road trip that takes a turn for the worse as two fearless women risk it all for what's right.

Watch for Roed at a film festival near you in the upcoming 2024 Film Festival season.


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