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Refrigerated outdoor ice rink in the Pointe-Claire Village to extend the skating season

The city of Pointe-Claire has come up with a pilot project to extend this winter's upcoming skating season. They will be setting up a refrigerated outdoor ice rink right in the heart of Pointe-Claire Village. The rink will be located at the corner of Du Bord-du-lac – Lakeshore Road and Cartier Avenue.

The oval rink will be available to skate on from the end of October to the end of March.

The new facility was implemented to reduce the use of water and to maintain the condition of the ice so everyone can enjoy this age-old winter activity longer.

Another refrigerated ice rink will be installed in Valois Park but the completion date is yet to be announced.

To find out the status of the rinks in and around Pointe-Claire, visit the Outdoor Skating Rinks page on the City of Pointe-Claire website.


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