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Quebec health officials announce plan to phase out vaccine passports

Image courtesy of CBC News Live

Health Minister Christian Dubé and interim director of public health Dr. Luc Boileau announced during a press conference today (February 15, 2022) the gradual removal of the vaccine passports.

Boileau disclosed that the projections are going in the right direction and that it is looking good for a return to some kind of normalcy.

Dubé then announced that with the healthcare network improving, the gradual removal of vaccine passports will begin tomorrow (February 16th, 2022) by no longer requiring the passports at big box stores, SAQs and SQDCs.

Staring February 21st the passport will no longer be required at places of worship and funerals. Then finally on March 14th, the vaccine passport will no longer be mandated everywhere, excluding travels abroad.

Dubé said that this goes in line with the rollout of the antiviral medication, PAXLOVID from Pfizer. He warns that all Quebecers should keep the vaccine passport on their phones for a possible reinstatement in the future.

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